Along with piCture pOlish – Winter, A-England – Cathy was a polish on my wish list that I just had to buy this year. I’d seen so many pictures of it on Instagram, and I just knew I had to have it.A-England - CathyA-England – Cathy looks like a pale lilac color at first glance, but there is so much more to it than that! It changes color depending on the light, in most lights it looks like a really pale grey, in others a pale lilac or even a blue. It is a discreet holo and has a really subtle green shimmer in it, now it’s not like any other holo I own, it’s a thick creme and the texture of it was not very nice to work with. Without top coat it looks rough on the nail, but after applying top coat it was smooth, and looked amazing on the nails. It was opaque after two coats, which is a positive considering how pale the color is.
A-England - Cathy4I bought mine from I bought it along with the piCture pOlish one and the shipping was $6 (not bad for international shipping).
A-England - Cathy2I feel like my swatches don’t do Cathy the justice it deserves, because the beautiful green shimmer isn’t visible in these swatches, but on the nail you can see it in dim lights and it’s really pretty!
A-England - Cathy3


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