Now this is a post I never thought I’d write, but after re-discovering water marbling and being successful at it, I wanted to share what works for me, so that you too can enjoy water marbling as much as I do (now)… 😉 I recently bought some polishes from one of my favorite indie brands so I used them for this marble, this is my Bliss Polish – How-To Water Marble.
Bliss Polish - How-To Water Marble
Now there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube that explains (and shows) you the step-by-step process of a water marble, so this post won’t be like that. I’m simply gonna share the tips and tricks that made my marbles a success. For me it’s about these three critical steps:

  1. Use a disposable plastic cup. Ain’t nobody got time to clean up the polish from the cup afterwards, and sometimes if you squeeze the cup gently it helps to spread the polish in the water, and unless you’re the Hulk, you need a plastic cup to do that… If the cups is bigger you need more polish, so try using a smaller cup.
  2. The tutorials always say bottled room temperatured water. In Norway we can drink water from the tap, so I always use that. In the beginning I tried everything to get the water room temperatured, leaving it out for a whole day, measuring the temperature, you name it. It wasn’t until I tried warm water that my polish actually started spreading right in the cup. Now I’m not talking “I-can’t-touch-the-water-hot”, but a hot lukewarm if that makes any sense. The conclusion is, try different temperatures. If it doesn’t spread, it’s too cold. If it spreads too fast, too much, it’s too hot, now the latter is better than the first, but the polish has a tendency too spread too much and the polish might blend so you won’t get a crisp and clean design (see the picture below).
  3. Using tape to make the clean-up process quicker sometimes ruins the design when you dip it. It wasn’t until I started using liquid latex I enjoyed (and was successful) water marbling. I use the Simply Peel Liquid Latex Barrier from Bliss Kiss, I bought mine here.

That’s it! These three things were a game changer for me, hopefully they’ll help you too! Now don’t get me wrong, I’m no expert and I still have fails, but now I at least know why the marble doesn’t work out the way I want, unlike before when it was suuuuper frustrating. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comment field 🙂
Bliss Polish - How-To Water Marble
In the design above I used too hot water, and you can see (especially on the pinky) how the polishes blended, and are not as crip as in the design below.

There are plenty of different designs you can do, I usually just drag a wooden stick around until I find some shapes I like.
Bliss Polish - How-To Water Marble
I used:
Bliss Polish – Catch Me I’m Fallin’ (Blue)
Bliss Polish – Lookout Weekend (Pink)
Bliss Polish – Come Go With Me (Orange)
Bliss Polish – Can you Feel The Beat (Green)
White base was OPI – Alpine Snow.

All the polishes are from the new Freestyle Summer Collection, such a bright and colorful fun collection, and I looove the colors I chose. You’ll get swatches of them later, but they were great to marble with! I bought mine from the Bliss Polish website.


  1. Great, I have to try lukewarm tapwater, since colder tapwater does not work for me! Thanks for the tips 😀

    • Takk! 🙂 Var kjempe frustrerende å holde på med før, men nå er det (nesten) bare gøy! 🙂

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