Some of you might have seen my post about the Colour Alike – Pastel Holo Set, my favorite nail polish set of all times. Well, Colour Alike has done it again, and this time it’s the Colour Alike – Dark Holo Set that’s up for review.

I am so amazed at the quality of the Colour Alike polishes. Before the Pastel Holo Set I had never heard of the brand and my expectations were low. The application is so easy, they are highly pigmented so you only need one or two thin coats, and they smell amazing even though they are not advertised as scented polishes.
The holo effect is really spectacular and I always get compliments when I wear one of them. Next I have my eye on the Bright Holo Set, because it looks amazing!

Colour Alike – 501

Colour Alike- Dark Holo Set - 501
501 is a dark green holo with absolutely stunning light blue and green holo specs, and even though I don’t like green polishes, this one is too pretty not to like!
Colour Alike - Dark Holo Set - 501

Colour Alike – 500

Colour Alike - Dark Holo Set - 500
500 is a dark brown/blackish holo, not my usual cup of tea, but this was actually the one I got the most compliments for. The holo effect on this one is insane, and truly gorgeous!
Colour Alike - Dark Holo Set - 500

Colour Alike – 503

Colour Alike - Dark Holo Set - 503
This is my favorite out of the four, 503 is a delicious raspberry color, the color combined with the blue/purple holo specs makes this polish breathtaking! <3 This is a must have!
Colour Alike - Dark Holo Set - 503

Colour Alike – 502

Colour Alike - Dark Holo Set - 502
This one is so interesting, it’s a dark and mysterious purple/blue polish and when the light hits it, it’s sooo interesting and I really love it!
Colour Alike  - Dark Holo Set - 502

Colour Alike sells these polishes from their own store, and this collection is available here for 4.00€ a piece. Just try one, and you’ll be as hooked as me! 😀

*Items in this post were sent to me for free by the company or their PR firm in exchange for my honest review.


  1. Hi Tina, they’re all lovely on you but I can see why you got the most compliments when wearing “500”: to me it is almost a winter neutral and I can see wearing it with just about any outfit during the cold weather months.

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