I don’t know why I haven’t bought any polishes from Giddypolish before, but after MissCelina posted a swatch on Instagram, I knew I needed to own one. I went with Violet Loves Rainbows (from now on VLR) and Purple And Blue I’m So Into You (from now on PaBISIY). My absolute favorite of the two is VLR, not because I don’t like PaBISIY, but because I LOOOOVE VLR!giddypolish This was actually my first thermal, and it’s safe to say I’m hooked. Here is what Tonje (the creator of Giddypolish) says about VLR;

Violet Loves Rainbows is a holographic thermal polish, that changes color with temperature, between purple and pink.

The polish when it’s warm

The polish is really sensitive so it doesn’t take much before it changes color, and I love that about it. The formula is easy to apply, and this is two coats with one layer of top coat.

Mid-change between warm and cold

It’s safe to say I’ll defiantly be getting some more thermals! <3


  1. I’m so in LOVE with this polish! Love your pictures <3
    and… awww! you linked me! love you! xxoo

    • tina_tech Reply

      Me too! 😀 And ofc you’re the reason I bought it in the first place! 😀

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