Today I have a beauty for you, a truly jaw dropping stunner by O.P.I. This was one of my purchases from the O.P.I Pop Up Shop back in October, and it was recommended to me by Stine Marie from, thank you (I owe you one 😉 ). Be prepared for some major droolage (yes, it’s a word XD) when I present to you: O.P.I – DS Extravagance.O.P.I - DS Extravagance
DS Extravagance is a magnificent sparkly magenta/grape from O.P.I’s Designer Series from 2012. It goes on super smooth and comes off just as easy, you could get away with just one coat, but because I’m an opaque-nut, I added two… 😛
O.P.I - DS Extravagance O.P.I - DS Extravagance O.P.I - DS Extravagance
DS Extravagance shifts between pinks, purples, yellows, oranges and even bright blues. It reminds me of my favorite polish of all time from piCture pOlish named Pandora (formerly known as 624).
O.P.I - DS Extravagance O.P.I - DS Extravagance

This is definitely a must have and the perfect polish to put on your wishlist this Christmas!


  1. Hi Tina, I have this polish, and you just reminded me that I need to use it since it’s very seasonal for this time of year. Your nails are just lovely!

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