I love gradients. They are easy to do (although a little messy), but they look fancy and I love trying different color combinations. When I do a gradient it’s usually as a base for some nail art and this OPI gradient was no different, but you’ll have to stick around to see the nail art because this post is all about that gradient 😉
OPI Gradient Nails

OPI - Life Gave Me Lemons and OPI - Can't Find My Czechbook
I used:
OPI – Life Gave Me Lemons
OPI – Can’t Find My Czechbook
and topped it off with my go to glitter topper; China Glaze – Fairy Dust
OPI Gradient Nails
The only thing I don’t like about doing gradients is the mess. And even tough I started using the Simply Peel Liquid Latex Barrier from Bliss Kiss (I bought mine here), it still takes a little while to clean up.
OPI Gradient Nails
My best tip when it comes to doing gradients is be patient in between the layers (I should get better at taking my own advice), if you rush you take off some of the polish each time you apply a layer and you need one or two more layers to get full coverage.

Now stay tuned for the nail art that I put over this, do you wanna guess what the design is about? 😉


  1. Two wonderful polishes and the gradient came out perfect. The transition between the two colors came out great! I am curious about the nail art!

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