Today I have a truly stunning polish to show you! And I have to tell you, I did not expect to like this polish as much as I do, but it’s bright and loud you have no other choice but to love it!

This is also the first time I’m showing my nubbies to world, but OPI – Hotter than You Pink gave me no choice, I had to share it!
OPI - Hotter than You Pink
First let me start with the reasons I shouldn’t love it. I have on three coats in these pictures, but it’s still not completely opaque (it’s most visible in the last picture). It’s pink. Now I have a lot of pink polish, but Hotter than You Pink is PINK! A loud, bright and Barbie pink, that makes everybody look at your nails whether they want to or not…
OPI - Hotter than You Pink
Those of you who have followed me a while know I like my polishes opaque, you could say it’s a must for me when I wear polish, but I can’t help it! I still love Hotter than You Pink! :O

It’s a bright magenta with super tiny and subtle blue shimmer, that makes the polish mesmerizing and impossible not to look at. The polish is from the 2014 Neons Collection and is listed as a creme, although I would call it a crelly (in between creme and jelly).
OPI - Hotter than You Pink

OPI - Hotter than You Pink

Let me just end the gushing of how much I love it with a final note: YOU NEED THIS POLISH!

*Items in this post were sent to me for free by the company or their PR firm in exchange for my honest review.


    • So first things first: I need to turn on notifications so I notice comments! 😛 Well, these nubs are still like 9 weeks growth, so my nail beds are teeny tiny 😛

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