This is going to be a mean post. The reason; I’m going to show you something so gorgeous, and you’re gonna want it so bad… But here’s the mean part; You can never have it
This polish is on my top 3 list of all time, and a definite must have, the sad part is that the Ozotic brand has been discontinued. 624 is part of Ozotics 600-series (du-uh), and when I heard the brand was being discontinued I searched the internet high and low to get my hands on as many polishes from the 600-series as possible, because they are amazing. I’m still missing some of them, but they are sold out everywhere 🙁

So back to the gorgeous-ness that is Ozotic – 624; It is a rich purple scatter holo, that sparkles in every color you can imagine.
IMG_3992The most prominent “sparkle-color” is this gorgeous yellow-orange, and a breathtaking greenish-turquoise.

IMG_3983IMG_3979In the pictures shown I have applied two coats, with no top coat! It’s very easy to apply, and dries quickly.

IMG_3994IMG_4006Do you love it as much as me? And did you get your hands on it before it was sold out? (I stocked up, so I have two of this baby, and I’m going to cry the day I run out…)

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