Picture Polish Blog/Insta Fest 2014!
It’s finally here! This will be the third year that piCture pOlish have held ‘Blog Fest’ which involves a collection of nail bloggers worldwide. Today we’re all posting one swatch and one nail art look which includes this years newcomer; Nail Vinyls. piCture pOlish will be retailing a special exclusive 4 pack ‘Nail Vinyls’ containing ‘Chevrons, Mini Chevrons, Straight & Right Angles’ that will be used by all participants this year! Finally 5 of us will be chosen to create a ‘Blogger Collaboration’ shade with piCture pOlish which will be launched in 2015 as one collection.

I am truly honored that I got chosen for this, and I was soo happy with the polishes and Nail Vinyls that I recieved to work with. I’ve been dying to show you this post, and I hope you enjoy it, because I had so much fun creating it for you. 🙂

Bette Review


piCture pOlish used to have a brand called Ozotic, and Ozoic had a collection called the 600-series. As I have mentioned before, in that collection was my favorite polish of all time ‘624‘.  All though Ozotic was discontinued, piCture pOlish has brought back several of polishes under the piCture pOlish name, and among them is Bette, ‘617’ reborn.

Bette is a stunning rich baby-blue scatter holo, that sparkles in every color you can imagine. It’s very easy to apply and is fully opaque in three thin coats (you could probably get away with just two). When the sun hits it, it’s a show stopper and you can’t help but to drool and stare at your nails.

The polish can be purchased from the piCture pOlish web store or if you’re not from Australia, here’s a list of the international stockists. piCture pOlish also has a Every Day Deal, so make sure you check that out before you make your purchase. 🙂

Picture Polish and Nail Vinyls Nail Art


For my nail art I was given ‘Wisteria’ and ‘Sky’ to play with along with the Mini Chevrons from Nail Vinyls.
Wisteria‘ is soft and delicate lilac that is almost a pastel, but not quite. It’s a rich creme and opaque in just two coats.
Sky‘ is a light pastel blue. I would actually call it almost an ice blue, and this one needs three coats to be opaque.
Common for the both of them is that they apply like a dream, and the creme texture is perfect.
The Mini Chevrons from Nail Vinyls are the perfect size for my nails, and I actually have purchased these in the past. There is so much you can do with them, they’re easy to place, and even more important: They’re easy to remove (they don’t stick too hard to the nail). Just make sure you add a topcoat before you place them, this way the glue from the Vinyl don’t get stuck on your nail. The Nail Vinyls can be purchased here.




  1. I started with a white base and added a fast drying top coat (Glisten &Glow – HK Girl).
  2. I then placed my Nail Vinyls with a tweezer in the positions shown above.
  3. Without using any special brushes I applied the polishes as shown above, making sure I didn’t cross over the Nail Vinyl.
  4. Finally while the polish was still wet (important!) I removed the Vinyls in one swift movement, and finishes the look off with a top coat.

Both piCture pOlish and Nail Vinyls run awesome giveaways and sales, so make sure you follow them;
Facebook: piCture pOlish, Nail Vinyls
Instagram: piCture pOlish, Nail Vinyls

…And that’s it! Hope you like what you saw, and more important: Do you love Bette as much as I do? 🙂


  1. Anita Jahr Reply

    Så kult å få være med på dette, og designet ditt er veldig fint, liker det veldig godt 🙂
    Bette er bare helt nydelig 🙂

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