Thermal polish is such a fun thing, I catch my self staring at my nails, and wanting to be cold so that the color will shift. In case you don’t know what a thermal polish is, it’s a polish that changes color based on what the temperature is (the science behind it is quite complex, so we’ll just call it magic…). My most resent purchase is Plumeria by Polished by KPT, the queen of thermal polishes.

thermo2Plumeria is a holographic thermal that shifts between a gorgeous silver and a rich plum color that is to die for! This is three thin coats topped with a glossy top coat.


When the polish is hot (my usual body temp), it’s this really pretty silver that sparkles like a vampire from Twilight.


Just look at this sparkling madness, it’s just amazing.


I purchased mine from Norway Nails, but it can also be bought directly from Polished by KPT. I have come to the conclusion that I need more thermal polishes in my life so if you have some suggestions an personal favorites, I would love to hear them! In the mean time I’ll be drewling all on Polished by KPT, and a specially Kelvin Bleu and Harvest Moon, make sure you check them out.

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