One of the things I want to share with you on this blog, is the nail polishes that I can’t live without. I discovered that there are more of them than I initially though, but I truly need them in my life <3 Today I’ll share three of them with you:

1. OPI – Alpine Snow. Now this is on my list of top 5 of polishes of all time. It only needs two coats for it to be completely solid, and the formula is great. I use it two ways; eighter alone as a classic manicure, or as the base for nailart or other polishes that are shear (I don’t like shear polishes). I buy most of my polishes from, and they currently have a sale (not much) on this beauty!

alpinesnow2. OPI – My Vampires Buff. This is another neutral polish, and some might say that they don’t need both Alpine Snow AND My Vampires Buff, but my answer to that is BAH-HUMBUG! I love my nails when they’re sporting My Vampires Buff, and they are perfect as a base for nailart, as a white base sometime takes too much attention.



3. ESSIE – Lapiz of Luxury. Well they can’t all be a neutral, can they? My third and final (for today, I have plenty more must haves) is one of my favorite blues. It’s soft, and really delicate. I don’t usually wear blue polish on it’s own, but when I do it’s Lapiz of Luxury…



Which one is your favorite of the three? And who are your must haves?



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