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Today I have some of the polishes from the new ESSIE Gel Couture collection that came out recently. The line gives us 42 colors in this new formula (19 in Norway), bottle and brush. It doesn’t have a base coat, only a super shiny top coat and it’s said the polishes has been created not to stain your nails, but I prefer a base coat to protect my nail and give them some extra care. I love the wide brush of these polishes, and I think the bottles looks super cute! 🙂
ESSIE Gel Couture

ESSIE Couture – Couture Curator

ESSIE Couture - CuratorThis is two coats of this warm peachy pink color. The formula for all these polishes are smooth and dry super fast, they are easy to apply and the brush is heaven!

ESSIE Couture – Dress Call

ESSIE Couture - Dress CallDress Call is a pretty lilac, two coats with top coat in this picture.

ESSIE Couture – Model Citizen

ESSIE Couture - Model CitizenThis, along One The List are my favorites out of the ones I tried. It’s a bright magenta, and a classic “Barbie pink” polish. Great for summer! Two coats with top coat.

ESSIE Couture – On The List

ESSIE Couture - On The ListThis color is so yummy! A stunning apricot with a red hue, and it’s so bright and fun! Two coats with top coat.

ESSIE Couture – Twill Seeker

ESSIE Couture - Twill SeekerThis color has gotten a lot of buzz in the nail world, and I think it’s a really cool color, but I still prefer the bright On The List and Model Citizen. A dirty purple base with subtle green micro shimmer. You could get away with one, but I did two coats with top coat.

ESSIE Couture – Mix and Match manicure

ESSIE - Gel Couture bottles2I really wanted to test the durability of this polish, so I did a mix and match manicure that I wanted to try for a full week (that’s my limit as to how long I can wear the same manicure :P)
ESSIE - Gel Couture mix

ESSIE - Gel Couture mix2

ESSIE Couture – Final Thoughts

I was told that for the best result I should re-apply the top coat every other day, now this I have a problem with. I mean if the point is a manicure that last long, I shouldn’t have re-apply a top coat, and if I did, my nail surface would have oils from the soap I use on them and it wouldn’t last long that way… Second! After a week the amount of polish on my nails would be too thick :/
ESSIE - Gel Couture smudge

Now the picture above is the third and final reason I didn’t re-apply the top-coat. After 24 hours and me taking a shower, this happened. The polish that was dry after approx 20 min after applying it, all of the sudden smudged and shrank and looked terrible on two of my nails. I still wore it for the rest of the week and it lasted like the other ESSIE polishes I own. Some tip wear and chipping, but nothing too bad.

I love the colors from this line, but the top coat I’m not a fan of, and I tried using ESSIE gel setter top coat instead and that worked just as fine, although the Couture top coat is one of a kind when it comes to shine. 🙂

*The products in this post were sent to me for free by the company or their PR firm in exchange for my honest review.


  1. Gorgeous colors, especially the apricot one is super eye catching. On the last pictures it really looks thick the nail polish. I am sorry that this gel like top coat does not work 🙁

    • So far out of the “gelpolishes” that doesn’t need to cure with a lamp, my favorite is Deborah Lippmanns (my previous blog post), there’s a lot happening in the marked, but I don’t think we’re at the magical stage yet 😉

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