I’m heading towards the capitol this week to visit my sister, so I wanted a spring themed manicure for the occasion. My go to inspiration for all manicures floral is Lynieczka, and this one was no exception! I did this design on both of my hands, so it took a while, but the result is really colorful and fun so it was worth it! Now let’s just hope it last until Sunday when I get back home… 🙂 The design was created with nail polish ONLY, these is my Flower Nail Art, enjoy! 🙂

Flower Nail Art

The design is all free-handed with my new Nailbees brush in XS, which was amazing to work with! The brush is teeny tiny, and perfect for these detailed designs! The brush costs $9, shipping was fast, and she wrote me a cute thank you note, and added some Japanese candy 😉 The brush can be found here. The girl who has created these brushes (Nailbees) is an aaaamazing free-hand nail art designer, and I looove her work!

productsI used (top left to right):
Londontown Lakur – Princess Awaits
OPI – You’re Such A Budapest
OPI – Coca Cola Red
OPI – I Just Can’t Cope-Acabana
OPI – Life Gave Me Lemons
OPI – Alpine Snow
ESSIE – Splash Of Grenadine
ESSIE – Mesmerize
ESSIE – First Time
TL Design – Amstedam
H&M – Tickled Pink
Nail Art Brush from Nailbees – XS

Nail hardener base coat and Protective top coat from Londontown Lakur.

Flower Nail Art

Like I mentioned I did the design on both, it takes extra concentration, but the result is totally worth it! 🙂

Flower Nail Art

I used Princess Awaits as my base, applied a layer of top coat before I started on the flowers. I finished it off with two coats of the Protective top coat from Londontown Lakur, it’s really thick, so it smoothed my design out perfectly.

Flower Nail Art

Hope you like the design, it took me a long time to create 😛 And tomorrow I’m off to Oslo! Have a great week everybody! :*


  1. Woow!!! I can’t believe that you did such an intricate design with nail polishes only…on BOTH HANDS?!!! They look absolutely beautiful Tina!! 😀 And! Thank you SOOO very much for using my brush, it means so much to me!!! <3 <3 <3

    • Thank you so much! You’re so talented so that means a lot! <3 I love the brush! Perfect for all the tiny details! 😀

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