I’ve been in the mood for some cute nail art lately, and after creating this super cute gradient I wanted to some some simple but cute nail art over it. I used two polishes from the OPI Hello Kitty collection, and omg these Hello Kitty bottles are soooo cute! Over the gradient I went with my favorite animal, two cute owls 🙂 This is my OPI Hello Kitty Gradient with Owl Nail Art.
OPI hello kitty gradientThis gradient reminds me so much candy and I got cravings just looking at them!
OPI hello kitty gradient2I used:
OPI – Look At My Bow! (gradient)
OPI – Gelato On My Mind (gradient)
OPI – No Room For The Blue 
OPI – My Pal Joey
OPI – Alpine Snow
ESSIE – Splash Of Grenadine
China Glaze – Fairy Dust (gradient)
piCture pOlish – Wisteria 
TL Design – Amsterdam
Nail Art Brush from Nailbees – XS
OPI hello kitty gradient3Finally it’s time for the owls! I did these with nail polish only, and all though they didn’t turn out quite like I hoped, I think they where all right 🙂
OPI Hello Kitty Gradient with Owl Nail ArtWhenever I’m in doubt I always do owls, I think they’re so stinking cute!

Whats your favorite animal? 🙂


  1. I think the owls are super cute, even if they didn’t turn out the way you wanted them to! I’d have to say that my favorite animal is guinea pigs (just because I have two??)
    I would love to see a guinea pig mani from you, I love all of your animal manis! ?

  2. He, he, we had almost the same inspiration, I have an owl mani too on the blog. Love the gradient you made and the owls are super cute!

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