Wow! I’ve definitely felt the love from the Instagram community today! Part of the reason why I’ve gotten so hooked on nailart is Instagram. People share their awesome creations, and (most ppl anyway) are encouraging and supportive to each other. I am proud to be one of you, and thank you for all you’ve thought me this past year. 90% of my nailpolish/nailart knowledge comes from Instgram and the community there, the rest comes from YouTube and bloggers (I find the bloggers on IG, so I guess they count as the 90%).

Just to show you how far I’ve come this past year, I thought I’d share last years birthday mani vs this years.

Yikes! (I know…)


I was a nailbiter, but I followed Karianne ( on Twitter and she kept sharing her perfect nails with one beautiful polish after another. I joined Instagram so that I could see her nails in my feed, and I discovered other amazing artists and people everywhere.

I’ve met people from all over the world, all special in their own way! If you need help with finding excellent nail accounts on Instagram, just ask, I know plenty!

Thank you again for all of your kind words and best wishes on IG today, all of you! XOXO /Tina


  1. Du virker som en helt herlig jente, Tina! Jeg er glad jeg følger deg 🙂 Du er så snill med dine kommentarer og jeg smiler alltid for meg selv! Håper dagen din har vært perfekt <3

    • tina_tech Reply

      Du er så herlig Martine! Tusen takk for alle gode ord! 🙂 Dagen har vært strålende!

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